2019 Lexus LC : Review, Pricing, and Spec

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2019 lexus LC

The 2019 Lexus LC channels the high-end vibe of the two-door grand tourer but with an exotic design that won’t look strange on an Aston Martin. While its small rear seats and starting price of just under six figures also make it a luxury alternative to the Porsche 911 , this rear-wheel drive Lexus is a larger, heavier engine honed more for luxury spectacle than live performance. That doesn’t mean the LC isn’t fast or sharp on the road, especially when accompanied by a roar of a 471-hp V-8. But it works best at a less frantic pace where you can enjoy the beautifully crafted interior and enjoy the essence of LC as the show’s automatic diva comes to life.

What’s New for 2019?

Each LC 2019 receives a number of performance improvements, new standard equipment, and adds Obsidian to the paint color palette. The 10-speed automatic has been revised to result in smoother gear shifting and stronger gear turnover. Lexus also improved the suspension to improve damping and driving comfort. Other technical changes include improved rear engine mount and steering modifications. The Enform infotainment system adds standard Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa compatibility, remote control smartphone apps, Wi-Fi hotspots, and the latest navigation and voice control software.

Engine, Transmission and Performance

Things to like: The V-8 produces a lot of good sound, sharp steering, a well-regulated chassis. Dislikes: Weight loss negatively affects the speed, warm test results of nails.

The heart pounding standard LC500 is Lexus’ high-performance 5.0-liter V-8 engine, which produces 471 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. Paired only with a fast but smooth 10-speed shifting automatic transmission, this engine delivers a magnificent internal combustion rock ‘n’ roll that delights in the ear like the rest of the LC in the eye. Other powertrains offered are the 354-hp LC500h gas-electric drivetrain, which combines a 3.5-liter V-6, a pair of electric motors, a 1.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, and a unique continuous variable automatic transmission (CVT). which somewhat mimics the 10-speed automatic action.

Minimal body roll and good balance for Lexus handling, and the quality of the ride is excellent considering the large 21-inch wheels our test car wears. The variable steering system and adaptive rear wheel steering included with the $10,000 Performance package specifically improve the speed of the LC helmet and the general responsiveness of the car. However the standard chassis setting is better suited to the car’s GT style and feels more natural without disturbing the LC touch. We would suggest saving 10 thousand and sticking with the basic chassis. Removing LC anchors is done through a strong, progressive brake pedal and a large, fast-free stopper on each wheel; The LC500 we tested resulted in a much more respectable stop of 70 mph than the managed LC hybrid.

Real World Fuel Economy and MPG

The LC500 weighs more like a three-row SUV than a sports car and weighs hundreds of pounds heavier than its main competitor — meaning its EPA estimates aren’t particularly impressive. Although the LC500h is heavier than its brother, being a hybrid car generates much more favorable numbers, especially in a city where its electric assistance comes into play. With lc500 wells exceeding highway estimates in our tests (29 mpg observations) and LC500h falling far short of the figure at 30 mpg (as hybrids typically do interstate), the difference in fuel economy between the two across travel states is largely a wash.

Interior, Infotainment, dan Cargo

Things to like: Driver-centered cockpit, dashboard loaded with high-tech gadgets, powerful infotainment features. Things to dislike: Small back seats, annoying touchpad controls, not the best travel buddy.

The interior of the Lexus LC500 is a privileged place, with a good driving position, rich materials, beautiful craftsmanship, excellent front seats, and plenty of technology. Some of its ergonomics can be complicated in practice, but the overall atmosphere is in keeping with the look of the LC concept car. The fit and finish is great and the optional sport chair is the true throne of the spinal brace. Certain elements require several adjustments, including a funky electronic shifting lever, similar to the Toyota Prius.

While the Lexus Enform infotainment system may be packed with features and technology, it’s one of the most disliked systems on the market because of its clunky touchpad controller, which requires too much attention from the driver to operate. Navigation, Bluetooth, and a number of apps are all standard rates in the Enform LC infotainment suite that includes mobile hotspots and Apple CarPlay but not Android Auto.

LC compact luggage and non-collapsible rear seats limit their storage space to just five cubic feet, which is just enough to accommodate our two carry-on bags. No matter how attractive the LC cabin is, there’s not much room to store loose stuff. The center console, however, is sufficient in size, and the lid can be adjusted to display the second cup holder.

Driver Safety and Assistance Features

LC has not been tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS). Along with eight airbags for its relatively compact cabin, the LC offers a healthy list of standards and driver assistance technology available. Key security features include:

  • Standard front collision warning and automatic emergency braking
  • Standard adaptive roaming controls
  • Lane alerts and lane maintenance assistance are available

Warranty and Maintenance Protection

Lexus’s warranty scheme for the LC is pretty solid among luxury coupes, with substantial powertrain coverage for internal and hybrid combustion components. It lacks the best in terms of free scheduled maintenance.

  • Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty covers 6 years or 70,000 miles
  • Hybrid components protected for 8 years or 100,000 miles
  • Free treatment covered for 1 year or 10,000 miles

Lexus LC Pricing and Which One to Buy

Pilihan kami adalah LC500 standar dengan 471-hp V-8, yang mana kami akan menambahkan paket Sport (kursi sport depan berpemanas dan berventilasi) dan meningkatkan ke roda aluminium tempa 21 inci dengan ban performa musim panas. Memilih paket itu juga sesuai dengan paket Kenyamanan (pemantauan titik buta, peringatan lalu lintas belakang, dan sensor parkir depan dan belakang) dan diferensial selip terbatas. Kami melengkapi bangunan kami dengan penghapus kaca depan paket All-Weather dan roda kemudi berpemanas, bersama dengan peningkatan sistem audio premium Mark Levinson.

LC 500 – Start at $93,325

LC 500h – Start at $97,835

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